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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Series of Pocket Mirrors

Hey there,

I decided to make a new series of pocket mirrors. This one has a very antique feel with a touch of Paris thrown in for good measure. I bought several yards of a great antiqued scroll fabric and then stamped french handwriting all over it. On top of that I have stamped several different images, some of which are from my own rubber stamp designs. So far I have a cafe, a skeleton key, a cup of tea/coffee, a damask heart, a fleur de lis and a crown. There will definitely be more, I ordered more stamps!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding Favors

I have several gorgeous new fabrics that I have been using to make pocket mirrors for wedding favors. I found this fantastic blonde peacock feather pattern and could not leave the store without it. The blue birds I originally bought just to have a nice all over bird pattern, however, I decided it is sophisticated enough for weddings. I always have my white and black damask and several other colorways of damask. Take a peek in my shop at my wedding section. Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow in Atlanta, Happy New Year

Well, it snowed in Atlanta. I decided to put some bird seed out on the deck on top of the snow cover. There is a traffic jam out in the bird seed. the tufted tit mice and chickadees are having issues with the giant blue jays. One blue jay out there is the biggest one I have ever seen. My carolina wren just showed up. He hides under the grill and then darts out and gets seeds. 5 blue jays at once, never saw so many. and the cardinals have decided to get in on it. the lil guy, my son, is laughing and pointing. Our cockatoo is named "Sunshine" and he calls all birds, Sunshine. so he points to each one yelling sunshine, sunshine. the redheaded woodpecker just showed up!