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Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/28/08 January will be custom month!!!

January will be custom month!!! Let me know if you need anything in your own fabric, graphics, pictures or even words.Perfect time to get shop promos. I have always done custom work, but didn't want to advertise it in my busy holiday season. Now that things have slowed down, I can focus on custom work!!!!!

Q. So, what would I have made if I wanted to do something custom???
A. 1. If you make purses , maybe you would like some of your popular fabrics made into pocket mirrors to match your purses. Always a nice extra for your customer to purchase or as a gift. I have several purse designers that send me fabric in the mail and then I make mirrors for them for a very low price!!!
2. You are an artist and would like to have some smaller, less expensive items to sell or give out with your images on them. You could have magnets made in 2.25 inch or 1 inch sizes, pocket mirrors, bottle openers, pin back buttons or even jewelry. Just take a look around my shop at all the possibilities. Your artwork makes great promos and gifts for relatives. Some people really don't know what to do with a full size painting or print. Originals can be cost prohibitive, but magnets are definitely affordable. All you would have to do is email me your artwork, or let me choose from your website. I have put together some great starving artist beginner packs for as low as $20 including shipping. Just so you know, I have a B.F.A. and an M.S. in textile design and I am very profficient with Photoshop.
3. You own a shop and maybe you need some promos. I can put your logo on anything I make, and if you buy in quantity, like 12 or more, I can give you a wholesale rate.
4. You are getting married, maybe you need a save the date magnet for people to put on their refrigerators. What an excellent reminder. You might like photos of the bride and groom and the date on any of my items??? Many brides have a theme and favorite fabric that they want me to make pocket mirrors as wedding favors. I have even made some beautiful pendants to match, for the flower girls.
5. You have a boutique, maybe you need some small inexpensive items for impulse purchases at the counter? You could send me fabric you have chosen, or request some styles that would do best in your shop.

I am here to work with you on your needs, wishes, wants and dreams. Whether it be for resale, gifts, or just for you to hoard for yourself. I have several repeat custom customers that are happy as pie with my service and products. The pictures included in this post are from my customers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

12/13/08 Ian turns 1

I need a tshirt that says I survived Ian and Chloe's birthday party!!!! It was a major undergoing for us, the parents. The kids and the guests had tons of fun and lots of food. I am including pics of Ian as the big boy 1 year old!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/07/08 YESSSS More Holiday Shopping!!!

This time of year is absolutely insane for me. With 2 children born in December and Christmas on it's way, the shopping is out of control. So, I am adding to my list of wonderful items that I have purchased from Etsy. These are in no particular order.

1. I had design some cute little snowmen for me, take a look she has them in her shop now. She makes wall/window vinyl decals. I also bought her snowflakes. They all look awesome on my windows. Monkey is a great person and part of my very fun BNR group:
2. beyond being part of my BNR group she is also a really nice person!!! One of my favorites, like good ol monkey. I bought some of her christmas matchbook, notepads. they are too cute.
3. Then also from my BNR I got a set of mini S and P shakers that are painted glass from
4. Kristy joined us for a bit from and I drooled for days over her cowboy cookies, then I did it, I bought them. These were suppose to be birthday treats, but we scarfed them down in no time. SSSSOOOOOO DDEELLIICIIOUUSSSSS
5. Ordered some more soap, yes shoot me now, or enjoy how fresh and clean my whole family smells!! from (yes from my BNR)
6. More gift bags from (yes, from my BNR) I liked the first batch so much that I bought more.
7. (oh god, another BNR buddy) I bought her lip balms because I was told they were the best. I am the queen of chapped lips, so I will be the judge of that!!! lol
8. Bought another bicycle shirt for my dear old dad. He's a bicycle fanatic
9. My son has been walking around with an ear of corn made of felt and he just loves it. He even stores it in the cabinet with the canned foods. So, when I saw this set of breakfast felt foods, I decided to go for it. He will get them for his big boy 1 yr. old birthday this weekend.
10. had a great absinthe print, I got for my husband. He's known for drinking absinthe. He will love this print.
11. yes again!!! I bought a pair of light brown fingerless gloves for you guessed it, ME ME ME and yes she is part of my BNR
12. Noooo I didn't get this as a present but out of necessity, I bought their Bad Ass Booty Balm, diaper cream for my lil guy's sore bottom.
13. okay, I succombed, they have catapults!!!! I bought 2, and some fun wooden race cars. I have nephews that will die for this stuff.
14. what do you get a 16 year old boy???? I got him a sterling silver guitar pick with his name engraved in it. He will love it.
15. Then I went to and got a guitar pick made from a vinyl record , cool huh?

I just hope it all gets here in time, and that it is as perfect as I think it will be!!!
Please leave comments and questions, I love to hear from all you all.