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Saturday, November 29, 2008



Thi s is a great show to attend. It will be perfect for all that last minute holiday shopping. Please come by if you are in the area.

Also, any sales in my shop that day, Sunday December 14th will have 20% of the proceeds go to the Humane Society.

Friday, November 28, 2008

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING stores I have bought gifts from

In the spirit of Black Friday I thought I would give a run down of stores that I have purchased gifts from. These may have been birthday or Christmas. I have a lot of December and November birthdays in my family. I may or may not say exactly what I purchased because SOMEONE MIGHT READ IT!!!!! I'm just saying. Also, I have tried my best to purchase handmade items by artisans and craftsmen. These are not in any particular order they just are what they are.

1. I will start with

She makes some of the cutest little owls and yetis. My daughter is a huge fan of yetis.

2. My latest purchases are from I was able to find 3 different items for 3 different people and all so incredibly reasonably priced. Check out Aaron's tees they are pretty funny.

3. I am a sucker for maple. Maybe it's from all my time spent in Vermont, I don't know. But the maple candies are to die for.

4. very cute handmade wood trucks and cars. ohhh and a helicopter too. I have my little boy and my nephew to shop for and I hate buying stuff made in China. I have issues with the poisonings and them taking away all our manufacturing.

5. some more handmade wood cars and trucks for the little guys. I'm still working on acquiring a garage. I'm thinking I might find a bread box at the Goodwill that will work nicely. I'll just paint it up to look like a garage.

6. she is one of my favorite friends on etsy. I bought some very cool multicolor fingerless gloves from her. She makes all her own crochet items.

7. she has some very nice paintings and prints, please take a look.

8. I have bought wayyyy too much soap this year and especially from my buddy soap!!! She has some pretty soaps, and some funny soaps that I couldn't resist.

9. excellent gift bags to put all this stuff in. The ribbon handles are fantastic.

10. possibly some of the prettiest color combo's. She has aneye for design and makes outstanding looking soaps.

11. I had her paint some original work for my boy's room. She has great pricing, adorable paintings and is so nice to work with. You may see some of my pocket mirrors in her shop with her designs, we did some trading.

12. bought more soap, just shoot me
13. bought a nice pair of fingerless gloves as a birthday present for a friend that works on the computer all day. and I really impressed her because she had always wanted a pair and never told me! I

14. had her make a 1 year old birthday shirt for a certain little boy turning 1!!!!!!! It's adorable and he will look too cute.

15. this chick is awesome. I love her stuff. please be aware that there are swear words on her site. I had her make some custom items for my family, private joke type stuff. She made them perfect.

16. What can I say, perfect tea every time. all us etsians drink it.

17. such a sweet person. I bought some stars and moon soaps for the little guy, he's a big fan of yellow stars.

18. we traded custom items and were both so happy for our trade. She made a custom scarf for me to give to my daughter.

19. Okay, so maybe you don't need anything that she makes, but damn if it is not hilarious. She is a wonderful etsian, perfect to the T, and makes such silly stuff. Please read her descriptions of her items. They are so well written and very funny.

I am not done shopping, but this is a decent start. Please take a look at these shops. I know you will find something you can't live without.
Good luck in your gift quest.
Please leave me some comments.
Thanks -Sharon

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

big time holiday sale!!!!

gobble gobble gobble happy thanksgiving, hope you have a great day and stuff yourself to the brim. If you happen to be shopping today 11/27/08 I will throw in a free pocket mirror with every order. just have to have the sale date be 11/27/08


~~~ALL SINGLE POCKET MIRRORS WILL BE $3.50 EACHor 6 for $15 or 12 for $25 or 50 for $90 SALE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT E.S.T. DECEMBER 1ST ~~~

And please don't forget to make personal requests. If you see something you like and wish it came as something else, let me know!!! If you like the fabric as a pocket mirror but really need a bottle opener, I can do it!!!

Also, I need a December sale, any requests???? I haven't decided what to have for my sale.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I participated in this month and I am also participating next month. (please see post about it) I received my box today!!!! So, I am going to start listing what is in my box (they all have different sets of samples) and what I think of it etc...

1. a great pair of breast pads (for nursing mothers) made of some excellent soft comfy absorbent fabric. They are from That is not all they sell. They attached a 10% off coupon. Now I need a mommy that could use these, because I have 2 pair and they are great.
2. A Christmas catnip ornament/toy for the kitty cats. This was from I'm going to save it for Christmas and give it to the cats to fight over.
3. A nice card with envelope from
4. 2 sweet little ravioli felt play food. I am liking all this play food. I'll have to organize a play kitchen for my son when he gets a little older.
5. a homemade creature shaped recycled crayon from It also included a a coupon for free shipping. (I love coupons)
6. a nice big glass magnet from I also liked the packaging on this, looked very professional. and another coupon code, woohooo.
7. The cutest ear of corn felt play food from with a coupon for free shipping. This is going in my felt play food collection.
8. A red bow and a coupon code from I will give this to my neighbors daughter for Christmas.
9. Some detergent from I'm saving all these samples of detergent for the days that I run out of detergent and need to do the laundry!!!
10. sent the nicest little green and brown striped hairclip. It looks good in my hair, think I'll wear it today. And of course there are coupons too!!!
11. sent a sample jar of their snow angel lotion. It looks nice and creamy.
12. sent a thank you card and a coupon code
13. sent a cute lady bug cell phone charm. I will put this in someone's stocking at Christmas.
14. sent a sample of their lavendar castile soap. This goes in my lavendar soap collection for my stepmother.
15. sent an iron on patch with a great Christmassy reindeer scene. I really like this fabric. Maybe I like all their fabric!!!
16. sent a sample of their miraclean for cleaning surfaces. It is an all natural product with no harsh ingredients or toxins. I think it will be good for around the birds in our house.
17. a $5 gift certificate to I will have to go check out their website
18. A stitch marker from This will go to my stepmother, my only knitter in the family.
19. sent a great smelling soap sample it is their green apple and pomegranate goats milk soap. and I got it last month too, so happy about receiving it twice. Love this soap.
20. I got a wipe solution bud from, guess I better go to the website, because I have no idea what this is. Okay, says to pour hot water over them til they dissolve and use with cloth wipes.
21. Travel size lotion from also says to check out her deals on black Friday!
22. A bookmark from
23. a sample of mint chocolate milk bath from
24. A very sweet little lace angel ornament from
25. A very cute little christmas tree fabric covered button hairband. She even put little stars at the top. That was from
26. sent an iron on transfer, this one has apples on it.
27. sent a biscotti dog treat that I almost ate myself. I'll give it to the neighbor's dog next time he's out.
28. sent a beaded pendant? Maybe a stitch marker or zipper pull? Could probably use as all 3.
Well, I got a ton of goodies in my box!!! and I am happy that I have lots of items to put in stockings and add to presents.
I will be busy looking at everyone's websites!!!
Of course you all are welcome to go take a peek at the sites too!

please leave your comments, I appreciate them all

Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16/08 Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular Review

The Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular 2008 will be a day of celebrating the best handmade indie goods around.If you have any holiday shopping to do - Mark Your Calendar!Saturday, November 15, 11-6 Ambient + Photo Studio Located at 585 Wells St. SW Unit A * Atlanta, GA 30312
The only negative, was lighting!!! I know we would have sold atleast 25% more if we had lighting. It was very dark in the center aisles. The part that irritated me about that problem was that the girls had said that there was light and that we didn't need to bring any. Because we all would have brought our lights and electrical cords, if we knew lighting was a problem.

The place was very cool!! A great big high ceilinged, hardwood floored old warehouse.
They promoted properly and so there was a ton of shoppers. All sorts of fun and interesting people came to shop. It was definitely the place to be yesterday!!!
The crafters were fabulous, interesting, fun, and creative This was not your ordinary craft festival. I was able to find exciting, fun and unique items for my children's birthdays coming up (shhh, I bought a sideshow creature from I bought fresh made the night before, lavendar soap. I also shopped from This guy has very cool tshirts and he is a great sales person. He knows his product inside and out, and is incredibly helpful when it comes to fit. I bought myself a beautiful, incredibly wellmade hairband from the girl next to me, . Her prices were fantastic. Did I mention that everyone had wonderful pricing??? You could afford it all. The girl across from me was selling very funky handmade metal belt buckles that were also bottle openers, I bought from Wren, of some very cute squirrels that face each other so they can kiss. My kids love their kissing squirrels. Oh and there was a woman with tons of fabric. I found a fabric that I desperately needed and some others that I wanted very bad!!! My partner in crime, Diane from bought a purse pattern from the fabric lady.

and what did I sell???? absolutely everything. My brand new, made on Wednesday bracelets were a huge hit. I have orders coming out my ears for them. My pocket mirrors sold well and were grabbed up by a brick and mortar store for resale. I sold lots of magnets and earrings and rings and bottle openers. It was a great show. I'm glad I had sales help.

I got to meet and also these are some great girls with wonderful stuff!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hey there, Just a reminder that the November Spotted Box goes on sale this Saturday November 15th at noon. You will be able to purchase it then. Please check out my earlier blog about what I received in mine last month.

Monday, November 10, 2008

11/10/08 TWITTER

I have become a twitter junky. It is for bloggers with heavy duty A.D.D. You are only allowed 140 characters at a time. How wonderful is that for us who have no attention span for more than a sentence????? So, here I am on twitter: and I totally welcome everyone to follow me on Twitter. It is very fun. For all you Etsians out there looking for views, Twitter is the place to be. If I post a listing from my site, I am guaranteed 8 or more views in less than 8 minutes, every time. It works!!! I like it a lot more than the forums on Etsy. It is faster paced and more intriguing. Go Tweet people, I'll meet you there!!!!

and don't forget to take a look at my shop. I list new items every week of my life. I have squirrels and elephants now too!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4/08 a new update about my crackhead mirror supplier

If you don't know about my crackhead mirror supplier please read my 10/13 blog. It will inform you of the insanity I have to go through as a button maker dealing with suppliers.

then I wrote on 10/14:

we left off yesterday with a box of 250 mirror parts and 500 shims. I only needed 250 shims. Why did he overnight 250 sets of mirror parts along with my shims????
I don't know, but TODAY a box came and it contained........250 shims.
Should we take bets on whether or not something will come tomorrow?
Meanwhile, can you guess what I have been making?????

today's info:

Did we ever discuss what happened to the 1000 one inch buttons that were originally shipped to me?
Well, I asked my crackhead friend what he would like me to do with them. He sent me an email with a return form for FEDEX. Which is all well and good but it's yet another thing to organize and then drop off at another location. So, I of course procrastinated. Meanwhile I got a decent size order for one inch buttons, and lo and behold I was out of them!!!! So, I emailed the guy and said that I would like to keep the 1000 one inch buttons, and could he please invoice me with Paypal. I thought this was a win win situation. He gets paid, and I don't have to find a FEDEX location. That was 2 weeks ago. I haven't heard from him, nor have I received a bill from Paypal. Can you guess what all my promos will be next month????