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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Avondale Estates Autumnfest Review

Hey there!!!
I am back from my weekend festival at the Avondale Estates in Georgia. It started off incredibly chilly and windy and wet! The sun managed to come out and make everything nice and festive. The food was good, excellent kids activities, music and plenty of handmade vendors.
However, We all struggled with sales. I personally felt that I should have made twice as much money. The vendors around me felt the same way. Some were struggling just to make booth fees. I blame it on the lack of advertising/marketing. If twice the amount of fair goers were there, then we all would have made twice the money. It was a difficult location to find because it was back in a neighborhood that was thick with houses and trees. You could not tell a festival was being held there, from the main street. Also parking was at a minimal. You had to park at the church and get bused in. I never saw a sign up at the church for the festival. I'm not saying they didn't have one, but I never noticed it from the street.
The good part was that I got my product out in front of the people. I had a wonderful reception. People ooohed and ahhhed over all my stuff. They bought one inch magnets, pocket mirrors, rings, bobby pins, earrings, Christmas ornaments, my new bracelets (that are not even on my site, pin back buttons, pendants and bottle openers. My bracelets seemed to appeal to women over 40. Probably because they are 8 inch bracelets, which is for a wider wrist. My pendants were bought by and for, girls age 10 to 15. All age groups bought the magnets and rings from age 5 to 65. Pocket mirrors were bought mainly as gifts for girls and women ages 13 to 45. Bottle openers were bought for men and women in the 21-55 age range. It was fantastic to see who was buying and what they were buying.
Then I got home and low and behold I had a ton of orders on Etsy! So I have been a very busy girl this week. Thanks to all my supporters!!!!
My next show is on November 15th. I will get the website and info. for you in the next week.

Monday, October 20, 2008

10/20/08 as kawaii as it gets

okay, so I woke up and did all the morning routine, then I was sitting here thinking about what my next cute item should be. You know, what is cute and in style right now, as kawaii as it gets. So, I decided I need hamsters. They are very fun and all over japanese kids items. My daughter has a Gameboy game called Hamtaro. It's as silly and cute as can be. Then I got a convo on my etsy from a girl that wanted to trade for some mirrors. So I went to her 2 sites and looked around. Low and behold, what did I find???? The perfect Hamham. He's sooo cute and sits right on top of a pink cupcake! Of course it was an original painting. I thought long and hard and then got bold and asked for a trade. So, now she lets me print her hamster on my mirrors!!!!!

and she gets promos and Christmas gifts.
my latest collaborationand don't forget my mirror sale!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

10/19/08 arts fair coming up 25th and 26th in Atlanta area

10/19/08 where I will be this coming weekend:Historic Atlanta Neighborhood Avondale Estates Presents 2008 AutumnFestCreating a truly original flavor in the middle of historic Avondale Estates, AutumnFest attracts art lovers of all ages with a marketplace featuring over 50 artists and vendors, live music, an AutumnFest caf´, plus art and recreational activities for

Friday, October 17, 2008

10/17/08 I got my SpottedBox!!!! (additional writing in red)

I participated in this month and I am also participating next month. (please see post about it) I received my box today!!!! It went on sale Wednesday at noon and I had mine by 1:30 p.m. Friday. That is some seriously quick shipping!!!!
So, I am going to start listing what is my box (they all have different sets of samples) and what I think of it etc...
1. a great pair of breast pads (for nursing mothers) made of some excellent soft comfy absorbent fabric. They are from That is not all they sell. They attached a 10% off coupon. (CAN'T USE)
2. A sample of relaxing lavender bath salts, enough for a good one time soak. It was triple bagged so that it didn't interfere with anything else. that was from (I CAN USE THIS)
3. capsule of knitters balm sample. This should be plenty for both hands after a good knitting session. That was from: (I CAN USE THIS)
4. From Lil' Outlaws came a sample of their watermelon pail pardner. Which I assume is a watermelon smelling baking soda mixture to keep the diaper pail from stinking to high heaven. (CAN'T USE) Okay so maybe I can use this, I have been told to put it in the bottom of my trashcan to keep it smelling good!
5. Creative Mama Congo sent a double layer wool booster. It is meant to be used with your cloth diapers for extra absorbency. It looks really well made. (CAN'T USE)
6. a homemade heart shaped crayon from It also included a little scrap pad and a coupon for 20% off. (I love coupons) (I CAN USE THIS)
7. a super soft wipe/washcloth from and a 15% off coupon. (I CAN USE THIS)
8. 1 fl oz. of european bath salts from comes in a nice little bottle with a cute label (I CAN USE THIS) There was a coupon at the bottom of the box!
9. a jack o lantern felt play food sugar cookie from with a coupon for free shipping (I CAN USE THIS)
10. A really great bib in blue and it is super soft from and a coupon for 5% off (I CAN USE THIS)
11. sent a felt heart shaped sugar cookie, could also be used as an ornament. very nice! (I CAN USE THIS)
12. 3d~deebleDdo sent an oatmeal and goatsmilk soap sample (I CAN USE THIS) need their website!
13. sent a sample jar of their vegan vanilla lavender supernatural lotion. It looks nice and creamy and smells good (I CAN USE THIS)
I looked at their website and they have gorgeous soaps. Plus, they have one to fight against yeast!!!! that sounds great.
14. sent a recycled card with envelope and a tag. This will be great for the next birthday gift I have to send. (I CAN USE THIS)
15. sent some of their laundry soap. Looks like a couple of loads. You only use a tablespoon at a time. (I CAN USE THIS)
16. sent a very pretty handmade birthday card with fancy edging and organza ribbon, it came with an envelope (I CAN USE THIS)
17. sent 2 iron on patches with owls. I really dig this fabric and will have to find some for my own products! (I CAN USE THIS)
18. sent a sample of their cherry almond scent cloth diaper detergent (I CAN USE THIS) I will probably just throw this in with the whites since I don't do cloth diapers.
19. a $5 gift certificate to I will have to go check out their website
20. very cute ducks and rain drops bath confetti from, I don't see a website, hmmmmm something I will have to look up with my yahoo group. (I CAN USE THIS) as you can see I looked up the website and they had a ton of great stuff! I like the stars and moon bath confetti for my son. I have been collecting stars and moon items for his bath time. They also had princess crown bath fizzies that looked fun!
21. sent a great smelling soap sample it is their green apple and pomegranate goats milk soap. (I CAN USE THIS) I'm not the only one loving on this scent!
22. a very pretty flower photo from (I CAN USE THIS)
23. A bookmark from (I CAN USE THIS)
24. a cute print from and a coupon for free shipping (I CAN USE THIS) she is also on etsy and has a blog
25. a breast pad with pretty fabric from (CAN"T USE)
some one said maybe it is a face cloth, for removing makeup??? not sure. If anyone knows, please tell.

there were a few other coupons at the bottom of the box and I just put everything back in so I will have to dig them out again later!!!!

okay, not bad! Out of 25 samples I can use 20 of them and 1 of them is a gift certificate, so I will have to go check the store out. and just because I can't use something doesn't mean it isn't great. If you want to trade me feel free to comment or convo on my website.

I will be continuing this blog post next time. when I have enough time to try stuff and to look at websites. Of course you all are welcome to go take a peek at the sites!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/16/08 Gearing Up for Christmas

Well, I did it! I finally made and then photographed and listed my first Christmas ornament.

If you have been following my blog you will know that my pocket mirror parts supplier is a crackhead and therefore has shipped me an abundance of mirror parts for no reason. Sooo, I had to get crackin' at hustling them out my door. I put them all on a super sale and now I have created a new product with them. I have added an organza ribbon loop to hang the pocket mirror with. TAH-DAH an ornament!!!! It has wonderful light reflection on one side (the mirror) and a nice Christmas or winter themed picture on the other side. And of course you can still just use it as a mirror!

If you see anything in my shop that you would like made into an ornament please let me know. I will gladly make it for you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/14/08 my crackhead supplier continued

we left off yesterday with a box of 250 mirror parts and 500 shims. I only needed 250 shims. Why did he overnight 250 sets of mirror parts along with my shims????

I don't know, but TODAY a box came and it contained........250 shims.

Should we take bets on whether or not something will come tomorrow?

Meanwhile, can you guess what I have been making?????

10/14/08 pocket mirror sale

so here is my recent sale:
all pocket mirrors are $3.50 each, 6 for $15 or 12 for $25. Convo me if you need something custom or have questions.

thanks for reading about my crackhead supplier!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

10/13/08 My supplier is on crack! or, why I am having a pocket mirror sale

A few weeks ago I ran out of mirror parts because I had a few big orders. So, I decided to order from vendor #2 because they ship faster than vendor #1. So I waited all week with orders for mirrors piling up, and finally on Friday the box arrived!
I took it to my office to start making mirrors. When I opened the box it wasn't what I ordered. They sent 1000 one inch button parts instead of 250 2.25 inch mirror parts. I was livid! I got on the phone and called and called and left messages. I emailed them too. I never got a response. So, Sunday night I ordered 100 mirror parts from vendor #1 and paid for fast shipping.

Monday morning rolls around and UPS drops off my 250 mirror parts that were overnighted by vendor #2. It would have been nice of them to tell me they were overnighting the shipment! So, when I opened the box to make mirrors, I find out the shims are missing. What a nightmare! Luckily my other mirror parts from vendor #1 had arrived and I could use those shims.
I email vendor #2 and tell him that the shims are missing and to please send them, but no rush. He emails back and tells me to look again because the guy that packed the box says he put them in there!! (probably the same guy that shipped 1000 button parts instead of 250 mirror parts) I tell him that they are not in there, that I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but please send the shims.
That was Friday. This morning, Monday, UPS delivers an overnighted box of 250 mirror parts and 500 shims.
I may just go insane

Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/09/08 update

Come visit all my stuff at my shop:

10/9/08 Gifts for Men

Today is my Mom's Birthday and I better remember to call her later!

But on with my blog.

I am trying to make sure that I have gender neutral items in my shop. My shop is very girly but that does not mean that these girls do not have men in their lives!!!! So, I have started to list more bottle openers that could be for anyone. I am going to put up some pics of gender neutral bottle openers and bottle openers that women have bought for men, and that men have bought for themselves. So, if you think it may be a little girly, don't look at me, I didn't make them buy it!!!!

I hope that you all take a look at your shops, if you have one, and make sure that you have some gender neutral or masculine items in your shop. Even if it's just a small separate section for women to buy for their man.

here's some of my bottle openers that I promised you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

10/6/08 the spotted box

Hey there,
I will be participating in The Spotted Box in October and November. Here is a very nice press release that was written about it.

(October 1, 2008) The Spotted Box ( celebrated its one-year anniversary
in September with its largest box ever. Featuring over 80 independent artisans, the September Spotted
Box also included many large items in random boxes as well as giveaways and special samples.
The Spotted Box is a box of family-oriented, eco-friendly samples from independent crafters, packaged
together and sent directly to buyers. Designed with the young family in mind, these fun handmade
samples are focused on children and their mothers. The Boxes are sold on the 15th of each month on Etsy and Hyena Cart $22
including shipping. Between 80 and 150 boxes are currently available each month.
Each Spotted Box includes 25-30 handmade natural-parenting samples from our favorite artisans. The
handmade samples can include toys, stationary items, tarts, crocheted, knit and wool goods, candy and
food, diapering accessories, bath and beauty items, clothing, bags, personal accessories and jewelry, art,
personal care items, crayons, patterns, natural cleaners and detergents, pet items, gift certificates, home
school curriculum and more.
In 2007, Tory, an artisan soapmaker and mother of three young children, created the Spotted Box in an
effort to bring more recognition to the eco-friendly artisan products she and other work-at-home
businesses were creating. Tory knew that if consumers could only see these products, they would fall in
love! The Spotted Box debuted on Hyena Cart in September 2007 then expanded to Etsy in July 2008. It
is a high-demand item that sells out in minutes on both e-commerce sites. The businesses providing
samples for the Spotted Box are independent artisans most of whom are mothers themselves. It was
created as a marketing tool for small crafting businesses and continues to support companies creating
handmade items for the young family. The Spotted Box provides unique advertising and builds a
community of artisans who discuss and vote on the Box’s guidelines and future direction.
Tory Wright

Sunday, October 5, 2008


10/05/08 Join my mailing list for specials, coupons etc... Just convo me on etsy and ask to be on my mailing list. You can have messages sent to your email or convo'd to you, let me know what you would like! orrrrrr leave me a message here as to how you would like me to contact you with sales, news etc.... and always coupons!!!!

here is a coupon code:


free shipping good for the rest of 2008 for all USA, Canada and UK shipments

just put the code in your message to seller or convo me.

have you seen my new rings?????????