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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goody Bags on sale now

Goody Bag Special on 2.25 inch products!!!! surprises are fun!My Goody Bags to friends, family, large order customers and winners of my contests, have been such a hit that I decided to offer them to everyone!This goody bag will contain 2.25 inch products with a total retail value of over $15. Now you cannot choose what goes in it, that will be based on my stock at the time of purchase. There could be pocket mirrors, bottle openers, magnets, buttons etc... You just never know what you will find! I enjoy putting these together and I know you will enjoy receiving them.This is an excellent way to get some of my goodies when you don't really know what to choose. Maybe you like everything!!!and don't forget the shipping is free in the U.S.A.!!!!!!

Not to mention, everything comes in a gift bag so you are all ready to give it as a gift. Maybe you keep some of it and give away the rest!!!!


Walk in the Woods said...

Neat idea.

w said...

goodie bags are fun. especially when they're full of surprises.


Flirt Buttons said...

Hi everyone. Glad you like the idea. I will be offering a goody bag of my one inch items soon!!!