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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spotlight on Starlitnest my favorite fabric shop on Etsy

Hi there,

Thought I would spotlight a fellow Etsian. I just love the customer service that I have received from Alison at We always convo back and forth and she is very friendly and quick with her responses. I almost always have custom orders that she puts together for me. Some how I am unable to just pick something she has already spent the time to put together. I'm just a pain in the neck that way!!!! If I have any questions or need an extra scrap of something she always sends it in my order. Speaking of orders, they come pressed and neat and wrapped in ribbon like a gift. She must be a true fabric lover because her packages are treated with such care.


Alison said...

What sweet feedback! Thank you so much Sharon, that's just so totally wonderful to read. And YES, you are right, I truly love fabric and I love getting things in the mail, so that is why I like to wrap the items like gifts. It's fun!

Dikla Fellner said...

Well- A satisfied customer is the best advertisement- right ?!
Alison and Sharon- both of you have beautiful shops...
(By the way, Alison- yours just gave me a bunch of ideas for my painted pots and bells)


Flirt Buttons said...

Thanks girls!!! It always helps to love what you do!