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Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/07/08 YESSSS More Holiday Shopping!!!

This time of year is absolutely insane for me. With 2 children born in December and Christmas on it's way, the shopping is out of control. So, I am adding to my list of wonderful items that I have purchased from Etsy. These are in no particular order.

1. I had design some cute little snowmen for me, take a look she has them in her shop now. She makes wall/window vinyl decals. I also bought her snowflakes. They all look awesome on my windows. Monkey is a great person and part of my very fun BNR group:
2. beyond being part of my BNR group she is also a really nice person!!! One of my favorites, like good ol monkey. I bought some of her christmas matchbook, notepads. they are too cute.
3. Then also from my BNR I got a set of mini S and P shakers that are painted glass from
4. Kristy joined us for a bit from and I drooled for days over her cowboy cookies, then I did it, I bought them. These were suppose to be birthday treats, but we scarfed them down in no time. SSSSOOOOOO DDEELLIICIIOUUSSSSS
5. Ordered some more soap, yes shoot me now, or enjoy how fresh and clean my whole family smells!! from (yes from my BNR)
6. More gift bags from (yes, from my BNR) I liked the first batch so much that I bought more.
7. (oh god, another BNR buddy) I bought her lip balms because I was told they were the best. I am the queen of chapped lips, so I will be the judge of that!!! lol
8. Bought another bicycle shirt for my dear old dad. He's a bicycle fanatic
9. My son has been walking around with an ear of corn made of felt and he just loves it. He even stores it in the cabinet with the canned foods. So, when I saw this set of breakfast felt foods, I decided to go for it. He will get them for his big boy 1 yr. old birthday this weekend.
10. had a great absinthe print, I got for my husband. He's known for drinking absinthe. He will love this print.
11. yes again!!! I bought a pair of light brown fingerless gloves for you guessed it, ME ME ME and yes she is part of my BNR
12. Noooo I didn't get this as a present but out of necessity, I bought their Bad Ass Booty Balm, diaper cream for my lil guy's sore bottom.
13. okay, I succombed, they have catapults!!!! I bought 2, and some fun wooden race cars. I have nephews that will die for this stuff.
14. what do you get a 16 year old boy???? I got him a sterling silver guitar pick with his name engraved in it. He will love it.
15. Then I went to and got a guitar pick made from a vinyl record , cool huh?

I just hope it all gets here in time, and that it is as perfect as I think it will be!!!
Please leave comments and questions, I love to hear from all you all.

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Quirks said...

Wow lots of shopping :D

Just to let you know that hope you don't mind, but I tagged you to list 7 facts about yourself :D It's a bit of fun. Check out the rules on my blog.