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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hey there, I want to write about my favorite group of people on Etsy. I don't know if you know what a BNR is, but BNR stands for Buy and Replace. Someone starts a BNR by listing it under promotions in the Etsy forum. Then they get a group of shops to sign up. There are several ways to go about this, and there are usually different rules. So, a list of shops gets started and they continue to promote themselves on the BNR thread in forums, under promotions. Buyers will come along and buy from someone on the list. The buyers shop then replaces the shop they purchased from, on the list. To get back on the list, you have to purchase from a shop on the list. Usually the person that started the BNR is considered to be the host and stays on the list no matter who buys from them or how much is bought. I hope this explains BNR.

The BNR that I participate in is called The Booty BNR. Booty actually stands for booted, because if you don't sign in within a 24 hour period of time, you will get booted off the list.

Here is the most recent list and rules etc. for our BNR

PLEASE NOTE: It's called the Booty bnr, because you'll be booted if you don't check in from 7pm to 7pm) Twenty four hour check in rule will be strictly enforced.PLEASE DO NOT BUY ON TO THIS BNR IF YOU DO NOT CHECK IN WITHIN THE 24 HOUR TIME SPAN....
The Simple Basics: If you’re on the list and someone buys from you, you’re off! (until you buy back on again)
1. To buy in: $4.50 MINIMUM PURCHASE (before shipping)
2. Thread Monitor’s name stays on list.
3. You MUST state which shop you intend to buy from before you make your purchase. (please make sure the shop you’re calling is on the CURRENT LIST!)
4. Post your transaction here after purchase. (You're on the list! Remember to update sales total)
5. You may ONLY be listed on this list ONCE, regardless of number of purchases!6. Promoting this thread is required! Get a "x1" by your name for each shop you bring to our BNR.7. YOU are responsible for giving yourself a (*) each day when you check in for the first time. If you don't have a (*) by your shop name you may be booted.
--------------------------------------------------THE PERKS: You may get a "x1" by your name if you bring in a new shop to buy from our list! Two shops? then you get a "x2" and so on... Recruitment is KEY for the success of our BnR!YOU GOT BOOTED??? One of the forgiving things about the booty bnr is that if you bring a new member to join the list (by making a purchase) , you get back on the list yourself (without making another purchase) Applies only to those who have gotten the boot.----------------------------------------------------------======>>>>>> Shops neglecting to check in (or convo Hook) for a 24 hour period WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST! (This will be strictly enforced). No excuses.BOOTY time is 7pm every afternoon!
Here’s the list!1. *
2. or*
3. *
4. *
5. *
6. or *
7. *
8. or *
9. *
10. *
11. *12. *
********************* 227 sales *****************
MonkeyThreads made a fantastic BNR treasury

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