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Monday, September 21, 2009


I am in one of my super creative modes and have started designing a million things. No, I don't sleep, if you are asking when I find the time. Sooo, I was going to open a new store on Etsy with all my new stuff. I was concerned about mixing and mingling in Flirtbuttons. But, when I went to get my domain name that I wanted it was already taken. So, I bought 4 domain names of flirtbuttons. I am stuck with it now!!! That's fine, I have built enough of a clientele that people know me by Flirtbuttons and I am hoping they like all my new stuff! You can now get to me by, .net, .info and .I don't remember lol. They all just take you to my Etsy shop. For now, not sure if/when I will open up shop on just my url.

I have started to design my own fabrics. Some of the fabrics are just to replace some that are out of print/vintage and have become popular in my shop. Other fabric designs are based on drawings that I have done and wanted to put on mirrors and bottle openers etc.... I will be designing coordinating fabrics for people to purchase in fat quarters and possibly by the yard if they ask nicely!!! The fabrics are printed here in the USA. I am actually originally a textile designer. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and also a Masters of Science in Textile Design (wovens) I used to work in the corporate world of area rug and carpet design. I also freelanced for years. Now I am putting all of that to my own use. Take a look at the fabrics I have had printed so far. I just love them. More to come!!!!!

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