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Friday, November 6, 2009

NEW PRODUCT!!!! scarf clips!!!!

These are so much fun. You just slide it up both ends of your scarf and squeeze the clip together. Such a fun little addition to your wardrobe. Pick from any of my pocket mirror or bottle opener designs and I will make you a scarf clip. Only $9.

2.25 inches fabric or paper covered with mylar on top.

feedback from wholesale order: "Way cool! I've been playing around with them. What fun! Love it with jeans & a turtleneck. It's pretty cool as a sash belt over a boyfriend blazer as well. Can't wait to see everyone's reaction to this accessory! Thank you!"


PussDaddy said...

I have never seen those before.


Flirt Buttons said...

I have used all different versions of scarf clips and I have always loved them. I made this product because of a request for them from one of my favorite customers. So I researched it and put it all together. They are really fun. Limitless possibilities as to the designs. Thanks for stopping in!

cabin + cub said...

Very cute design! ;)