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Monday, May 31, 2010


OHHHHHHH, I was so excited when I saw these posted on Facebook today. I had a customer order 350 4x6 muslin bags and I took her graphics and made a rubber stamp for just her bags. Funny thing is I did not even know they were for a wedding. I don't ask, I just make whatever people want, and happily send it to them. Then I got a phone call from Tudbinks asking about the bags, because they were filling them with some wonderful mints and other herbs. Finally I got 2 and 2 put together and realized they were for a beautiful wedding in Pennsylvania. Actually, quite close to where I grew up. Check out Tudbink's facebook page for more pics.
Here is their website for the property:


Mona Kay at Home said...

Those are gorgeous, & such a good idea! Was it east or west PA? I'm next door in NJ :)

Flirt Buttons said...

East PA near Lancaster. I need to get a link to their website, the place is gorgeous. The owners are really nice too.