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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Avondale Estates Autumnfest Review

Hey there!!!
I am back from my weekend festival at the Avondale Estates in Georgia. It started off incredibly chilly and windy and wet! The sun managed to come out and make everything nice and festive. The food was good, excellent kids activities, music and plenty of handmade vendors.
However, We all struggled with sales. I personally felt that I should have made twice as much money. The vendors around me felt the same way. Some were struggling just to make booth fees. I blame it on the lack of advertising/marketing. If twice the amount of fair goers were there, then we all would have made twice the money. It was a difficult location to find because it was back in a neighborhood that was thick with houses and trees. You could not tell a festival was being held there, from the main street. Also parking was at a minimal. You had to park at the church and get bused in. I never saw a sign up at the church for the festival. I'm not saying they didn't have one, but I never noticed it from the street.
The good part was that I got my product out in front of the people. I had a wonderful reception. People ooohed and ahhhed over all my stuff. They bought one inch magnets, pocket mirrors, rings, bobby pins, earrings, Christmas ornaments, my new bracelets (that are not even on my site, pin back buttons, pendants and bottle openers. My bracelets seemed to appeal to women over 40. Probably because they are 8 inch bracelets, which is for a wider wrist. My pendants were bought by and for, girls age 10 to 15. All age groups bought the magnets and rings from age 5 to 65. Pocket mirrors were bought mainly as gifts for girls and women ages 13 to 45. Bottle openers were bought for men and women in the 21-55 age range. It was fantastic to see who was buying and what they were buying.
Then I got home and low and behold I had a ton of orders on Etsy! So I have been a very busy girl this week. Thanks to all my supporters!!!!
My next show is on November 15th. I will get the website and info. for you in the next week.


kim* said...

i think the struggle with sales may come with either...

the attendace rate.

the competition

and also

set up

i am spending an entire week focusing on display.

i am making props and everything come to my blog all next week. book mark me...on nov 9th is my show.

Flirt Buttons said...

sounds good Kim. Hope your show goes well. I focused on display this past summer and I have a lot of good things going on.
My tables are high, I display all my stuff in the front of the booth so people do not have to come in, etc... etc..