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Friday, October 17, 2008

10/17/08 I got my SpottedBox!!!! (additional writing in red)

I participated in this month and I am also participating next month. (please see post about it) I received my box today!!!! It went on sale Wednesday at noon and I had mine by 1:30 p.m. Friday. That is some seriously quick shipping!!!!
So, I am going to start listing what is my box (they all have different sets of samples) and what I think of it etc...
1. a great pair of breast pads (for nursing mothers) made of some excellent soft comfy absorbent fabric. They are from That is not all they sell. They attached a 10% off coupon. (CAN'T USE)
2. A sample of relaxing lavender bath salts, enough for a good one time soak. It was triple bagged so that it didn't interfere with anything else. that was from (I CAN USE THIS)
3. capsule of knitters balm sample. This should be plenty for both hands after a good knitting session. That was from: (I CAN USE THIS)
4. From Lil' Outlaws came a sample of their watermelon pail pardner. Which I assume is a watermelon smelling baking soda mixture to keep the diaper pail from stinking to high heaven. (CAN'T USE) Okay so maybe I can use this, I have been told to put it in the bottom of my trashcan to keep it smelling good!
5. Creative Mama Congo sent a double layer wool booster. It is meant to be used with your cloth diapers for extra absorbency. It looks really well made. (CAN'T USE)
6. a homemade heart shaped crayon from It also included a little scrap pad and a coupon for 20% off. (I love coupons) (I CAN USE THIS)
7. a super soft wipe/washcloth from and a 15% off coupon. (I CAN USE THIS)
8. 1 fl oz. of european bath salts from comes in a nice little bottle with a cute label (I CAN USE THIS) There was a coupon at the bottom of the box!
9. a jack o lantern felt play food sugar cookie from with a coupon for free shipping (I CAN USE THIS)
10. A really great bib in blue and it is super soft from and a coupon for 5% off (I CAN USE THIS)
11. sent a felt heart shaped sugar cookie, could also be used as an ornament. very nice! (I CAN USE THIS)
12. 3d~deebleDdo sent an oatmeal and goatsmilk soap sample (I CAN USE THIS) need their website!
13. sent a sample jar of their vegan vanilla lavender supernatural lotion. It looks nice and creamy and smells good (I CAN USE THIS)
I looked at their website and they have gorgeous soaps. Plus, they have one to fight against yeast!!!! that sounds great.
14. sent a recycled card with envelope and a tag. This will be great for the next birthday gift I have to send. (I CAN USE THIS)
15. sent some of their laundry soap. Looks like a couple of loads. You only use a tablespoon at a time. (I CAN USE THIS)
16. sent a very pretty handmade birthday card with fancy edging and organza ribbon, it came with an envelope (I CAN USE THIS)
17. sent 2 iron on patches with owls. I really dig this fabric and will have to find some for my own products! (I CAN USE THIS)
18. sent a sample of their cherry almond scent cloth diaper detergent (I CAN USE THIS) I will probably just throw this in with the whites since I don't do cloth diapers.
19. a $5 gift certificate to I will have to go check out their website
20. very cute ducks and rain drops bath confetti from, I don't see a website, hmmmmm something I will have to look up with my yahoo group. (I CAN USE THIS) as you can see I looked up the website and they had a ton of great stuff! I like the stars and moon bath confetti for my son. I have been collecting stars and moon items for his bath time. They also had princess crown bath fizzies that looked fun!
21. sent a great smelling soap sample it is their green apple and pomegranate goats milk soap. (I CAN USE THIS) I'm not the only one loving on this scent!
22. a very pretty flower photo from (I CAN USE THIS)
23. A bookmark from (I CAN USE THIS)
24. a cute print from and a coupon for free shipping (I CAN USE THIS) she is also on etsy and has a blog
25. a breast pad with pretty fabric from (CAN"T USE)
some one said maybe it is a face cloth, for removing makeup??? not sure. If anyone knows, please tell.

there were a few other coupons at the bottom of the box and I just put everything back in so I will have to dig them out again later!!!!

okay, not bad! Out of 25 samples I can use 20 of them and 1 of them is a gift certificate, so I will have to go check the store out. and just because I can't use something doesn't mean it isn't great. If you want to trade me feel free to comment or convo on my website.

I will be continuing this blog post next time. when I have enough time to try stuff and to look at websites. Of course you all are welcome to go take a peek at the sites!!!!


kim* said...

sounds super fun! enjoy your gift card at least :)

Flirt Buttons said...

Yep, very fun! and a lot of research to do! have to go look at all the websites and see what I like.
I did look at the website for my gift certificate and they had a soap I am eyeing up!
thanks -Sharon

Bagladee said...

wow what a great package!!

Flirt Buttons said...

yep, you will have to go check them out. Perfect for a mother with babies in cloth diapers that breastfeeds, but even tho I don't breastfeed or do cloth diapers I am still very happy. The blue bib is great. So nice to get some full sized products mixed in.

Jenny said...

You can use the pail powder to keep your trash smelling nice! just sprinkle at the bottom- we got a free sample before and i use it in my hanging wetbag AND trash can! it smells yummy!!

Flirt Buttons said...

Thanks jen, sounds like a good idea. I will try it!

Sygnet Creations said...

wow you got a lot of goodies.. I got you in my box!!!

Flirt Buttons said...

and I got you in my box sygnet!!! very fun. hope you can enjoy the buttons. Next month is pocket mirror month. 60 of those babies are heading to Tory.