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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4/08 a new update about my crackhead mirror supplier

If you don't know about my crackhead mirror supplier please read my 10/13 blog. It will inform you of the insanity I have to go through as a button maker dealing with suppliers.

then I wrote on 10/14:

we left off yesterday with a box of 250 mirror parts and 500 shims. I only needed 250 shims. Why did he overnight 250 sets of mirror parts along with my shims????
I don't know, but TODAY a box came and it contained........250 shims.
Should we take bets on whether or not something will come tomorrow?
Meanwhile, can you guess what I have been making?????

today's info:

Did we ever discuss what happened to the 1000 one inch buttons that were originally shipped to me?
Well, I asked my crackhead friend what he would like me to do with them. He sent me an email with a return form for FEDEX. Which is all well and good but it's yet another thing to organize and then drop off at another location. So, I of course procrastinated. Meanwhile I got a decent size order for one inch buttons, and lo and behold I was out of them!!!! So, I emailed the guy and said that I would like to keep the 1000 one inch buttons, and could he please invoice me with Paypal. I thought this was a win win situation. He gets paid, and I don't have to find a FEDEX location. That was 2 weeks ago. I haven't heard from him, nor have I received a bill from Paypal. Can you guess what all my promos will be next month????

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