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Friday, November 28, 2008

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING stores I have bought gifts from

In the spirit of Black Friday I thought I would give a run down of stores that I have purchased gifts from. These may have been birthday or Christmas. I have a lot of December and November birthdays in my family. I may or may not say exactly what I purchased because SOMEONE MIGHT READ IT!!!!! I'm just saying. Also, I have tried my best to purchase handmade items by artisans and craftsmen. These are not in any particular order they just are what they are.

1. I will start with

She makes some of the cutest little owls and yetis. My daughter is a huge fan of yetis.

2. My latest purchases are from I was able to find 3 different items for 3 different people and all so incredibly reasonably priced. Check out Aaron's tees they are pretty funny.

3. I am a sucker for maple. Maybe it's from all my time spent in Vermont, I don't know. But the maple candies are to die for.

4. very cute handmade wood trucks and cars. ohhh and a helicopter too. I have my little boy and my nephew to shop for and I hate buying stuff made in China. I have issues with the poisonings and them taking away all our manufacturing.

5. some more handmade wood cars and trucks for the little guys. I'm still working on acquiring a garage. I'm thinking I might find a bread box at the Goodwill that will work nicely. I'll just paint it up to look like a garage.

6. she is one of my favorite friends on etsy. I bought some very cool multicolor fingerless gloves from her. She makes all her own crochet items.

7. she has some very nice paintings and prints, please take a look.

8. I have bought wayyyy too much soap this year and especially from my buddy soap!!! She has some pretty soaps, and some funny soaps that I couldn't resist.

9. excellent gift bags to put all this stuff in. The ribbon handles are fantastic.

10. possibly some of the prettiest color combo's. She has aneye for design and makes outstanding looking soaps.

11. I had her paint some original work for my boy's room. She has great pricing, adorable paintings and is so nice to work with. You may see some of my pocket mirrors in her shop with her designs, we did some trading.

12. bought more soap, just shoot me
13. bought a nice pair of fingerless gloves as a birthday present for a friend that works on the computer all day. and I really impressed her because she had always wanted a pair and never told me! I

14. had her make a 1 year old birthday shirt for a certain little boy turning 1!!!!!!! It's adorable and he will look too cute.

15. this chick is awesome. I love her stuff. please be aware that there are swear words on her site. I had her make some custom items for my family, private joke type stuff. She made them perfect.

16. What can I say, perfect tea every time. all us etsians drink it.

17. such a sweet person. I bought some stars and moon soaps for the little guy, he's a big fan of yellow stars.

18. we traded custom items and were both so happy for our trade. She made a custom scarf for me to give to my daughter.

19. Okay, so maybe you don't need anything that she makes, but damn if it is not hilarious. She is a wonderful etsian, perfect to the T, and makes such silly stuff. Please read her descriptions of her items. They are so well written and very funny.

I am not done shopping, but this is a decent start. Please take a look at these shops. I know you will find something you can't live without.
Good luck in your gift quest.
Please leave me some comments.
Thanks -Sharon


JacksonFamHappenings said...

Thank you for including my shop!

Flirt Buttons said...

no problem!!!! thanks for being a good booty girl in our bnr!!!

Sunbasilgarden said...

You have had alot of etsy fun! I'm off to do the same...why buy from retail shops with such beautiful handmade just waiting for new homes. Thanks for including my soap shop :) - Lauren

Flirt Buttons said...

Have fun shopping. i love shopping online for handmade goodies!!!! =Sharon

Rebecca said...

Yay, I love Black Friday! I went to target this morning for a digital camcorder for my hubby. Can't get that off Etsy, lol. But I did most my shopping on Etsy and I'm almost finished! Anyway, thanks for putting my link in this post, thats sweet :)

Flirt Buttons said...

I can't bare to go out in that shopping hell, I bought my electronics online and the rest will be done handmade!!!! thanks for visiting my blog

spidercamp said...

hey, thanks so much!