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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I participated in this month and I am also participating next month. (please see post about it) I received my box today!!!! So, I am going to start listing what is in my box (they all have different sets of samples) and what I think of it etc...

1. a great pair of breast pads (for nursing mothers) made of some excellent soft comfy absorbent fabric. They are from That is not all they sell. They attached a 10% off coupon. Now I need a mommy that could use these, because I have 2 pair and they are great.
2. A Christmas catnip ornament/toy for the kitty cats. This was from I'm going to save it for Christmas and give it to the cats to fight over.
3. A nice card with envelope from
4. 2 sweet little ravioli felt play food. I am liking all this play food. I'll have to organize a play kitchen for my son when he gets a little older.
5. a homemade creature shaped recycled crayon from It also included a a coupon for free shipping. (I love coupons)
6. a nice big glass magnet from I also liked the packaging on this, looked very professional. and another coupon code, woohooo.
7. The cutest ear of corn felt play food from with a coupon for free shipping. This is going in my felt play food collection.
8. A red bow and a coupon code from I will give this to my neighbors daughter for Christmas.
9. Some detergent from I'm saving all these samples of detergent for the days that I run out of detergent and need to do the laundry!!!
10. sent the nicest little green and brown striped hairclip. It looks good in my hair, think I'll wear it today. And of course there are coupons too!!!
11. sent a sample jar of their snow angel lotion. It looks nice and creamy.
12. sent a thank you card and a coupon code
13. sent a cute lady bug cell phone charm. I will put this in someone's stocking at Christmas.
14. sent a sample of their lavendar castile soap. This goes in my lavendar soap collection for my stepmother.
15. sent an iron on patch with a great Christmassy reindeer scene. I really like this fabric. Maybe I like all their fabric!!!
16. sent a sample of their miraclean for cleaning surfaces. It is an all natural product with no harsh ingredients or toxins. I think it will be good for around the birds in our house.
17. a $5 gift certificate to I will have to go check out their website
18. A stitch marker from This will go to my stepmother, my only knitter in the family.
19. sent a great smelling soap sample it is their green apple and pomegranate goats milk soap. and I got it last month too, so happy about receiving it twice. Love this soap.
20. I got a wipe solution bud from, guess I better go to the website, because I have no idea what this is. Okay, says to pour hot water over them til they dissolve and use with cloth wipes.
21. Travel size lotion from also says to check out her deals on black Friday!
22. A bookmark from
23. a sample of mint chocolate milk bath from
24. A very sweet little lace angel ornament from
25. A very cute little christmas tree fabric covered button hairband. She even put little stars at the top. That was from
26. sent an iron on transfer, this one has apples on it.
27. sent a biscotti dog treat that I almost ate myself. I'll give it to the neighbor's dog next time he's out.
28. sent a beaded pendant? Maybe a stitch marker or zipper pull? Could probably use as all 3.
Well, I got a ton of goodies in my box!!! and I am happy that I have lots of items to put in stockings and add to presents.
I will be busy looking at everyone's websites!!!
Of course you all are welcome to go take a peek at the sites too!

please leave your comments, I appreciate them all


PoshPlushies said...

Wow - this spotted box thing sounds really fab. What a great assortment of goodies. Will check it out, thanks :)

RunAliceRun said...
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RunAliceRun said...

Aren't these just the greatest? This was the first time I participated and am very pleased with all the samples I received as well!

Carly said...

Hey mama! Next time I will put instructions on the Wipe Solution Bud!!! Sorry :(

Lil Birdie Bottoms

lili said...

Hi! This is lili of lili lutu. I just wanted to say that we got one of your mirrors - and my two year old daughter appropriated it immediately!!

Flirt Buttons said...

Thanks for all the comments!!
Hey Carly, believe me, I am clueless when it comes to all this new ecofriendly baby stuff. I think it's fantastic, but I need directions : )
Lili, I try to open my box when I am alone, otherwise it will all be confiscated!!!

Flirt Buttons said...
she has a blog about her box and some pics.

Flirt Buttons said...

http://simplyindiem ade.blogspot. com/

another spotted box blog with pics!!!

SPP said...

Great post! We got a lot of the same items. I can't wait to try all of mine out.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention of my felt play food corn! We love your mirror in the box here!