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Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16/08 Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular Review

The Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular 2008 will be a day of celebrating the best handmade indie goods around.If you have any holiday shopping to do - Mark Your Calendar!Saturday, November 15, 11-6 Ambient + Photo Studio Located at 585 Wells St. SW Unit A * Atlanta, GA 30312
The only negative, was lighting!!! I know we would have sold atleast 25% more if we had lighting. It was very dark in the center aisles. The part that irritated me about that problem was that the girls had said that there was light and that we didn't need to bring any. Because we all would have brought our lights and electrical cords, if we knew lighting was a problem.

The place was very cool!! A great big high ceilinged, hardwood floored old warehouse.
They promoted properly and so there was a ton of shoppers. All sorts of fun and interesting people came to shop. It was definitely the place to be yesterday!!!
The crafters were fabulous, interesting, fun, and creative This was not your ordinary craft festival. I was able to find exciting, fun and unique items for my children's birthdays coming up (shhh, I bought a sideshow creature from I bought fresh made the night before, lavendar soap. I also shopped from This guy has very cool tshirts and he is a great sales person. He knows his product inside and out, and is incredibly helpful when it comes to fit. I bought myself a beautiful, incredibly wellmade hairband from the girl next to me, . Her prices were fantastic. Did I mention that everyone had wonderful pricing??? You could afford it all. The girl across from me was selling very funky handmade metal belt buckles that were also bottle openers, I bought from Wren, of some very cute squirrels that face each other so they can kiss. My kids love their kissing squirrels. Oh and there was a woman with tons of fabric. I found a fabric that I desperately needed and some others that I wanted very bad!!! My partner in crime, Diane from bought a purse pattern from the fabric lady.

and what did I sell???? absolutely everything. My brand new, made on Wednesday bracelets were a huge hit. I have orders coming out my ears for them. My pocket mirrors sold well and were grabbed up by a brick and mortar store for resale. I sold lots of magnets and earrings and rings and bottle openers. It was a great show. I'm glad I had sales help.

I got to meet and also these are some great girls with wonderful stuff!!!


Diane - DK Designs.BIZ said...

It was a very fun show. I am glad I did it with you !

Flirt Buttons said...

thank you!!!

Eric Terry said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

Flirt Buttons said...

Hey eric, you are welcome!

Felicia said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations on your success at the show. I had a great day too and thanks so much for dropping by my booth :)

Flirt Buttons said...

the georgia etsians have to stick together. It was great to meet you!!!!

Flirt Buttons said...
here's the link to fluff's blog

brookie said...

Hey Flirt! I just adore my bunny hair pins I got from you! My roommate bought one of your bottle openers and I am totally jealous!!! I had a wonderful time as well... yes the lighting was a disapointment :(. It makes me even sadder that I purposefully e-mailed on the issue and was told we didn't need anything... next time I'm going with my gut and preparing for the worst! Thank heavens I have a great boyfriend/helper who was willing to make two extra trips back to my apartment for x-mas lights and a lamp... otherwise, I was back in the dark dark corner and would have sold so much less stuff! I'm so glad to have met you! I know I'll be seeing you around!



ps. Thanks for the shoutout too! :)

Flirt Buttons said...

Hey Brooke,
so glad you love your stuff!!! Yes, you did have a dark corner, ugh!!!! Let me know if you need anything. Thanks for stopping by my blog -Sharon